Custom Gas BBQ Grill Made From Chevy Engine Block

Chevy Grill 1I guess there really is no limit to what you can use that old 350 small block for! How can I not post photos of this beauty?

This custom made grill is a product of a Chevy V8 engine block, built by Trent Whatley and his buddy Terry Bacon. They did some research on the web to see if this has been done already. Come to find out there are some cars that have been turned into BBQ’s and some BBQ’s that ran by an engine, but they didn’t see an engine that has been made into a BBQ.

These two backyard barbecue mechanics say that their Chevy grill still is a work in progress with lots of add-on’s to come and they would like to dress it up a bit. Looks like it’s pretty dressed up to me!

I would just be concerned about the wires getting burned if the block gets up to a very high temperature. All-in-all, great job guys and don’t forget to give that thing an oil change every 3,000 miles!

Here’s a few more photos of this bad boy for your viewing pleasure:

Chevy Grill

Chevy Grill 2

Source & Photos Credit: WIRED Blog: Gadget Lab

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