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Corky’s Ribs & BBQContinuing on our quest to name the very best barbecue joints in the world, we came across Corky’s Ribs & BBQ. Corky’s has many locations throughout the south and Midwest spanning from Florida over to the Mississippi delta and on up to Illinois. Corky’s has had the likes of many celebrities eat has his restaurants such as President Clinton, TV and Film’s Danny Devito, Burt Reynolds, Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty.

Corky’s History
Beginning in the early 1970’s, Don Pelts began to visualize a Memphis-style BBQ “joint” that made great premium BBQ in a fun 50’s environment. After spending over a decade operating an existing Memphis BBQ restaurant (1970-1983 ), he finally set out to realize his dream. In 1984 Don found the perfect location and was ready to bring Corky’s to reality. All he could think of was a small cozy place with old barn wood walls, lots of neon, polished brass, interior aged brick, ceiling fans, servers in bow ties and white shirts, and of course piping in all the great music hits of the 50’s and 60’s.

All of Corky’s meats are slow cooked over hickory wood and charcoal. Each slab of rib is trimmed out to our very tight specifications and every pork shoulder is hand pulled.

Menu Items
Obviously Corky’s has awesome slow cooked BBQ ribs with all the fixins. Other items on Corky’s menu include: BBQ pork, BBQ beef, BBQ beef brisket, BBQ chicken, BBQ smoked sausage, BBQ beans, Corky’s bottled BBQ sauce (you can purchase to take home), homemade fudge and pecan pie. Corky’s menu can be ordered online at and FedEx’ed to your home or business.

There are some fabulous combination packages that you may order at Corky’s. There’s the signature package, Taste Of Corky’s which contains 1 slab of ribs, 1 lb. pork shoulder, 1 bottle of Bar-B-Que sauce and 1 bottle of rib seasoning. The Taste of Corky’s will feed 3-4 people as a tasting and 2-3 people as a meal. Corky’s also has the Taste Of Corky’s with Beef and chicken as well. The beef combination package has the same amount of meat as the pork and the Taste Of Corky’s with Chicken has one-half of a Bar-B-Q Chicken with the same fixin’s.

Additionally, there’s the Ultimate Taste Of Corky’s, Ultimate Taste Of Corky’s with Beef and the Ultimate Taste Of Corky’s with Chicken. Each include one slabe of ribs, 1 pint of baked beans, 1 bottle of Bar-B-Cue sauce, 1 bottle of rib seasoning and 1 whole fudge or pecan pie. The Ultimate Taste Of Corky’s with Beef comes with 1 lb. of beef brisket and the Ultimate Taste Of Corky’s with Chicken comes with one-half of a Bar-B-Q chicken. Finally, you can get something called the Beef and Bird or the Memphis Duo. The Beef and Bird features 2 lbs. of beef brisket, 2 half Bar-B-Q chicken and 1 bottle of Bar-B-Q Sauce; while the Memphis Duo will feed 6 people generously and includes 3 slabs of ribs, 3 Bar-B-Que half chicken, 2 bottles of Bar-B-Que sauce and 1 rib seasoning.

Corky’s Ribs 1 Corky’s Sauce & Seasoning Corky’s BBQ Pork

Awards that have been won by Corky’s include:

  • First Place: Best BBQ Sandwich*
  • First Place: Best Ribs*
  • Second Place: Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners*
  • Second Place: Best Place to Entertain Clients*
  • Third Place: Best Service*
  • Award of Excellence: Best Take-Out*

*Corky’s Bar-B-Q won the following awards in the Memphis Magazine 2003 Readers’ Restaurant Poll

Phone: (800) 9-CORKYS (926-7597)
Contact Corky’s online here.

Other ways to order Corky’s BBQ products
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