New BBQ product FireSkewers offers a helping hand while cooking kabobs

FireSkewersI have to tell you that I was a little apprehensive about publishing an article on a new barbecue product that holds skewers over a grill. However, the more I read about this new product and see the quality craftsmanship as well as the uniqueness, I’m beginning to be sold on the FireSkewers’ concept. It’s a neat idea not only for the backyard barbecuer (who would like to impress his or her guests), but this product is great for restaurants and has the potential for a fine presentation at the table as well.

Now lets get to the FireSkewers sales pitch from their press release, shall we? I’ll try to dampen the blow for you but at the same time, try to give you as much info as you need. Here’s an explaination of FireSkewers in a nutshell: FireSkewers are the first hands-free skewer to elevate, rotate and roast food, (i.e., kebabs) to perfection. Skewers are designed for use at finer, theme-oriented restaurants as well as the backyard patio BBQ grill. I guess I kind of said that in my first paragraph, but I thought I would throw in the main mantra of their press release.

What else can they do and how do they work?

FireSkewers work on all gas grills with a side-table. Companion holder cradles skewer 5 ½ inches above the grill, keeping food elevated over gas flame. No food ever touches the grimy grate and it’s ideal for roasting steak, chicken, shrimp, fish, vegetables, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, mushrooms and hundreds of other foods. I have something to say about their grimy grate dig. I happen to keep my grates clean, but I do understand that 80% (and maybe an even higher percentage) of the backyard barbecuer probably does have grimy grates.

The skewer holder has three locking positions which work with all FireSkewer models. A specially-designed locking pin in the handle locks the roasting positions. Position No. 1 is for display and preparation; position No. 2 is for roasting side one; position No. 3 is for roasting side two.

Grills with a rotisserie allow the skewer to be placed in the opening, with the lid completely closed during roasting for maximum efficiency. Grills without a rotisserie opening can be partially closed.

Company founder David Magiera says, “Many traditional restaurant entrees can be accented with FireSkewered appetizers. They create magic and panache at the table setting. Even the traditional shish kebab becomes something extraordinary using one of these beautifully-crafted FireSkewers.” I have to agree with him here. For chefs who don’t really want to add a shish kebab main course item, they can add an exciting appetizer with pretty much no limitations on how many different skewers you can come up with. And of course the chefs and kitchen managers who would like to add a kabob to their entree lineup, this would be perfect.

Different Designs and Accessories

Skewers come in ten handle designs, created exclusively for the FireSkewers product line by company founder David Magiera. Designs include the Mustang, Longhorn, Bass, Lobster, Master Chef, Dolphin, US Cavalry, Angel Wings, French Curve and Simply Elegant. Magiera has also created a handsome line of solid oak accessories which include: a patio wall rack, a deluxe skewer server and an elegant fireplace skewer stand.

FireSkewers Details

The FireSkewer is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel with a rod length of 25.5 inches. Handles are 9 inches and made of aluminum tubing with a marblized silica end cap. Overall length is 34.5 inches. The artfully-sculpted handle figures are made of high-temp resin. Skewer holders are made of durable, high-impact marbleized silica developed exclusively for the FireSkewer holder. This dense, scratch-resistant material gives the holder a substantial 2.5 lb. mass, allowing up to 2 lbs. of food to be suspended over grill-flame. FireSkewers work equally well on the fireplace, firepit, firetable and handheld over a campfire.

Order and Contact Information

Order Online or Call 214-938-6777
Free Shipping to US & Canada (at the time of this article)

Deluxe Skewer Server

Custom FireSkewers

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  1. Eric Devlin says:

    With the ability to a logo on the skewer base, these would make pretty cool prizes for a BBQ contest, especially one that has a complimentary grilling contest.

    Eric Devlin

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