Time & temperature charts to assist with smoking & grilling meats

As the summer continues to heat up, us grilling, barbecuing and smoking fanatics are cooking strong in our backyards, campgrounds, picnics, parties and wherever else we can haul our BBQ equipment. This is why I am posting easy to understand charts that will assist you in knowing when your smoked and grilled meats are done (or at least close to the time you should take your meat off your grill or smoker).

Below is a helpful meat smoking chart. Smoking times and temperatures are approximate due to the weight and thickness of your meat and temperature of your smoker. I always advise to probe meat from time to time before the approximate time has elapsed. Click here to download our Meat Doneness and Temperature Chart for your grilled items (PDF).

Type of Meat Smoking Temp Time to Complete Finished Temp
Brisket (Sliced) 225°F 1.5 hours/pound 180 degrees
Brisket (Pulled) 225°F 1.5 hours/pound 195 degrees
Beef Ribs 225°F 3 hours 175 degrees
Pork Butt (Sliced) 225°F 1.5 hours/pound 175 degrees
Pork Butt (Pulled) 225°F 1.5 hours/pound 190-205
Whole Chicken 250°F 4 hours 167 degrees
Chicken Thighs 250°F 1.5 hours 167 degrees
Chicken Quarters 250°F 3 hours 167 degrees
Whole Turkey 12# 240°F 6.5 hours 170 degrees
Turkey Leg 250°F 4 hours 165 degrees
Turkey Wings 225°F 2.5 hours 165 degrees
Meat Loaf 250 -300°F 3 hours 160 degrees
Meatballs (2 inch) 225°F 1 hour 165 degrees
Spare Ribs 225-240°F 6 hours 172 degrees
Baby Back Ribs 225-240°F 5 hours 168 degrees

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