The legendary McDonald’s McRib returns … For now!

Looking for your annual McRib fix? Well, look no further! McDonald’s is serving up the flavorful McRib sandwiches for a limited time. For those who are not familiar with this wonderful McConcoction, you don’t know what you’re missing!

The McDonald’s McRib consists of a meaty slice of pork (in the shape of ribs), tangy barbecue sauce served on a hoagie roll with pickles and slivered onions. Surprisingly, the McRib sandwich only boasts 500 calories (vs. 750 calories for the Angus Deluxe). Take off the bun of the McRib and you’re down to just 330 calories. But why would you want to do that since the McRib is only around for a limited time?

I searched McDonald’s website but unfortunately couldn’t find when the McRib will be available until. I’ve read on one blog that it will be available until December 5, and another mentioned they’d beĀ availableĀ until November 22. So, I took this very important matter into my own hands and looked to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. I called McDonald’s corporate offices and got a hold of Ashley. Ashley was very pleasant and told me that there is no definite date of when the McRib will not be available. Each individual McDonald’s franchise can serve them going into December but can choose not to. So there you have it. You’ll have to call your individual McDonald’s store to find out a round-about time frame when they will have the McRib until.

McDonald’s is also holding a Legend of McRib Contest. Submit a video of your McRib Legend story by November 22, 2010 (ding! – that’s where the blogger I mentioned above got the date of when the McRib will be available until — not true!). After you submit your video, McRib lovers from all over will vote on the best video/McRib legend. The winner will win a trip to Germany where the McRib is served 12 months a year, plus $10,000 in pocket change! The winning author will have their story animated — possibly for all the world to see. Here are the official rules.

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