How are you celebrating National BBQ Month this May?

May is National BBQ Month!As you might (or might not) know, May is National BBQ month. This was designated by the National Barbecue Association to encourage Restauranteurs, Caterers, Manufacturers and even Tailgaters to promote the flavor, fun and family ties of good barbecue in your own unique and stylish ways.

Here are some ways you can pass on the news of National BBQ Month and even boost sales and set the tone for the summer months (if you are in the business). If you are a backyard barbecuer you can still celebrate by possibly getting a few neighbors together for a friendly weekend BBQ cookoff. Tailgaters, cook-off competitors and semi-pro barbecuers can also get into the action.

Promotional Ideas & Suggestions

You can put up signs, banners and table tents inside your restaurant letting your patrons know that it is National BBQ Month. When you do print, radio, television or online advertising, you can include that May is National BBQ month.

May is most likely the beginning of caterers’ big BBQ season. Why not let your customers know with printed napkins, serving line signs and even eating contests. As with restauranteurs, if you advertise, you might want to add the fact that “May is National Barbecue Month” in your ads.

From small to large manufacturers of BBQ supplies, you can create special advertising promotions for your products using the theme of “May is National Barbecue Month”. Offer incentives and possibly do bundle packages depending on your product line.

Backyard Barbecuers, Tailgaters, Etc.
According to the National Barbecue Association, backyard barbecuers, tailgaters, semi-pro and cook-off competitors can be a big ambassador for “May is National Barbecue Month” by putting up signs (at competitions or tailgaing events), wearing logo aprons, cook-off caps. They also mention to be ready and willing to explain the BBQ difference between grilling and smoking to first time celebrants.

So May isn’t just for Cinco de Mayo , Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. We have the whole month to celebrate the wonderful culinary delight we call barbecue!

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